Baltimore police convene committee of mothers to address city violence


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Baltimore police have created a committee of mothers whose sons and daughters have been killed in the city. members of the panel will work with detectives to solve their cases.The department announced the creation of the “Survivors Advisory Board,” a partnership with Mothers of Murdered Sons & Daughters and A Mother’s Cry, two local advocacy groups, in a news conference at police headquarters Thursday. Members of the board will meet regularly with the commissioner to ensure that families continue to have a voice at the highest levels of the department, reflecting the commissioner’s commitment that all life is sacred,” the department said in a news release. Daphne Alston, a creator of Mothers of Murdered Sons & Daughters, said in the release that she wants the group “to address the impact that violence has had on our lives and to see that another parent does not experience the pain of burying a child.”It’s the seventh such committee the department has created to improve relations with city residents; the others are African-American, Latino, LGBT, youth and business boards. Each meets monthly to provide feedback to the department, police said. source:

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