Clark Howard: Hackers, cyber security need to work together

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to secure it. Channel 2 consumer adviser Clark Howard says companies and security researcher, more commonly known as hackers, need to work together to keep people safe. “The hackers are the ones finding flaws, finding cracks in the system before the criminals can find them and the hackers do the good thing, they alert the public the manufacturers they tell people about them so that those flaws can be fixed.” explained Beau Woods. Beau Woods, a security researcher and cyber security advocate, is part of a group called “I Am the Calvary. They work to bridge the gap between emerging technology and public safety. The recent Chrysler Fiat and Hospira medical pump hacks are perfect examples of hacker finding flaws in technology. In both cases researchers were able to remotely break into the operating systems. For Chrysler, it meant that hackers were able to remotely take control of a moving vehicle. In the case of the Hospira medical pump, they were able to control the dosage of medication given to a patient. Beau says there is no system that will never fail. “Every system has flaws, the earlier in the process you can find those flaws the less risk and […]

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