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Imagine this:

“Jerry Barkley is a Minnesota IT contractor just trying to earn a living for his family. He’s no superhero. He never worked for the government. He knows nothing about international espionage. Nobody believes his warnings when he uncovers a plot to launch the largest cyberattack in history. Somebody is gathering data to plan a series of bombings and a biological attack while trying to pin blame on a terrorist group. Oh, and the FBI thinks Jerry is part of it.

Hundreds are already dead. Thousands more could die, first from Ebola and then potentially from a war with the wrong enemy. If he doesn’t act, who will? Up against willful ignorance, a hostile law-enforcement bureaucracy, and armed with nothing but IT skills and quick wits, Jerry must leave his keyboard comfort one and go face-to-face with elite foreign agents and shut the attack down.”

This intro is a (slightly edited) description of the fiction novel: Virus Bomb by D. Greg Scott. The book was released this past summer.

Greg Scott is a veteran of the tumultuous IT industry. Greg graduated from Wabash College in Crawfordsville, Indiana with a double major of math and speech and earned an MBA from the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis. He started Scott Consulting and Infrasupport Corporation with a focus on infrastructure and security. He currently works for an enterprise software company and holds several IT industry certifications, including a CISSP certification. Greg lives in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area with his wife, daughter, and two grandchildren.

Very Brief Book Excerpt

“Hey, Dan.” Jerry said into his cell phone. The Minnesota midafternoon sun shone through his basement window. “I just finished talking to the antivirus team in England. They disassembled the code from Leah’s workstation. And all I can say (Read more…)

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