Dunwoody’s ‘blackhats’ to open on screen Friday

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

Georgia ranks third in the nation for feature film production, behind Louisiana and California but ahead of New York. A weekly list of who’s shooting in Dunwoody reads like a motion-picture who’s who. But how many of these films are truly local productions – conceived, written and produced by local residents? One such film is having its theatrical release this Friday, Oct. 23, at Aurora Cineplex Roswell. Its release in other cities depends on how big a turnout it draws in Roswell. A project of Dunwoody-based Reel One Entertainment, the movie is called “blackhats,” written in all lower case because it’s a term from the computer hacking world, which doesn’t use upper-case letters. There are three kinds of hackers: blackhats, criminals who break into protected systems to steal data and create havoc; whitehats, computer security specialists employed by corporations to break into their systems to find vulnerabilities before blackhats find and exploit them; and greyhats, hackers who exist somewhere between the other two. The movie is about two kinds of blackhats because the main character is a former bounty hunter, a kind of old western “bad guy” or “black hat” that resorted even to killing to capture his bounty. Now […]

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