Hacker in a day: why you should learn how to hack a system


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My name is third from the top on the dashboard. Next to it is a figure somewhere around 200,000 Hong Kong dollars — my bank balance — but I can’t quite keep track because the digits are repeatedly turning red and decreasing rapidly. My only way to combat the losses is to work faster than the eight other people on MacBooks at my table. In HK$15,000 increments, I’m stealing back the cash from their accounts and transferring it to mine. It’s a race to the top of the leaderboard, and every time my numbers turn crimson my face burns and my pulse races. I check the fitness tracker on my wrist. I’ve hit a cardio training heart rate of 139bpm. Hacking, it turns out, is quite a thrill. Monday saw the launch of a new course from London coding school Decoded. It’s called Hacker_in a day — the idea being that it will teach you some basic skills for cyber-attacking and thereby give you a sense of how easily your personal details could be accessed, your accounts infiltrated. After a quick lesson, we have each managed to experiment on an insecure online banking site until it has coughed up a […]

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