Today, 9 out of 10 US Internet users have gone online and sent or read email. Currently, 8 out of 10 people are said to have shopped online using personal financial data once in their lifetime. So, what do you do if someone is viewing your email for malicious reasons? How can you catch a hacker stealing your information and you have no description of the thief? LIGATT Security International has the solution to the problem.

With BoobyTrap we send a decoy email to your account containing fake information that eludes the hacker. When the hacker opens the decoy email and clicks on the link in an attempt to steal your information, the hacker’s information and location is sent back to us!

This is an easy solution to a hard problem. We at LIGATT Security International can relate to the convenience of a virtual shopping experience. Some financial institutions now operate in a complete virtual market. You too should enjoy the benefits of a simplified Ecommerce society. However, beware of the criminals that strategize to take advantage of this technology by taking the initiative to understand the solutions that are available to combat crime.

What if you are unsure of a potential privacy threat? We encourage you to view our many other products and applications under the SOLUTIONS option at the top of the page. Most likely your bank, business retailer or friends and social counterparts will notify you of any suspicious activity. Once you have been notified, it’s up to you to use BoobyTrap to execute the solution.

We set the trap and you get your privacy back!

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