This Cyber P.I. application will let you consult for FREE 15 minutes with an ethical hacker weekly, via your iPhone or chat room about your problem, and how to solve it. You will be able to set a date, time and how you would like to speak with our team such as a live voice call on your iPhone or you can enter our chat room from your iPhone. No need to sit in front of a computer! Once our team figures out your problem, we will recommend a product or service that can help you. These products or services are not necessarily a LIGATT Security product or service so there will not be any bios in our recommendation.

We can help you with:

Making sure your personal or corporate computer is hacker proof.
If you have been hacked, help find out who hacked you and how they did it.
Teach you how to become an ethical hacker, so you can protect your ownnetwork
Help encrypt your must important data.
Help monitor all computer activities of your employees, kids and spouse.
And a lot more.

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