“Federal Law Enforcement and Microsoft and Were Notified of The Threat in 2016. They Did Not Respond”

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) May 18, 2017 National Cyber Security News has recorded conversations of the mastermind behind the ransomware known as “WannaCry”, “WanaCrypt0r”, “WeCry”, and “WanaCrypt”. National Cyber Security Ventures (the parent company of National Cyber Security News and Hi-Tech Crime Solutions) owns and runs several cyber security companies and services including a “hacker for hire” honeypot website for the past 13 years on the internet and the darknet. The website has collected names, email addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses, chat logs and recorded phone calls of thousands of consumers, companies, politicians, athletes, entertainers and criminal organizations looking to hire “Black Hat” hackers. From this website, social engineering is used to collect data to better understand the latest in cyber scams and victimology, and also acquires listings of companies, individuals, politicians, etc. with interest in hiring a hacker for illegal purposes. This data is used to educate the community and warn both law enforcement and potential victims.

In 2013, members of National Cyber Security Ventures (NCSV) attempted to share the data from its “hacker for hire” service with federal law enforcement, however; it was not responded to with interest. Over the years, requests for services have been pouring in daily, yet there has been no one to share this data with. “We have watched different types of attacks and hacks happen and because of our data collection, can definitively say that we have an idea of who is behind many of the attacks, and it is not China, Russia or North Korea”, says cyber security analyst with NCSV, D.H.*

“It would be considered FAKE NEWS to blame every cyber hack or attack on Russia, China or North Korea. This hurts consumers and companies who believe the only threat against their networks are countries that are adversaries of the United States. The United States has more sophisticated “Black Hat – Hacker For Hire” hackers than North Korea and Russia combined,” says cyber security analyst, G. E*. “China monitors and restricts internet and blocks many websites. North Korea restricts internet to many of its citizens which leaves their internet foot print very small. This is why they are not affected like other countries.”

On May 7th of 2016, a phone call from the “hacker for hire” honeypot came in from a man in India who runs a fake “tech support” business, requesting to speak to a hacker that can write malware and ransomware software. NCSV does not write malware or ransomware software, and neither do any of its subsidiaries. In the recorded conversation, the man explained that his company created the Microsoft Tech Support scam that stole millions of dollars from consumers. He goes on to explain how they created the pop-ups that would hi-jack a user’s browser and post a message that says “your computer has been infected and you need to call this toll free number for tech support”, where they would get the customers credit card information and then the consumer would give them access to login to their computer remotely to fix it.

“The mastermind was able to infect 20,000 computers a day with malware in 2016, so affecting hundreds of thousands of computers in a couple of weeks is very realistic”, Says D.H*. “The next step in their plan was to replace the pop up message that said call us for technical support with a ransomware message, send us $300 via bitcoin.”

On July 21, 2016, an NSCV team member spoke at a conference for federal law enforcement where he presented information on the company seeking to hire a hacker to write ransomware. The recorded telephone call was played for all to hear. NSCV told every law enforcement officer in attendance about the real time data available that we were seeking to share with them, yet there was still no interest, even though the presentation received the highest marks from the attendees.

Today, National Cyber Security News has released the recorded conversation between NCSV and the ransomware mastermind seeking to hire a hacker to write ransomware and malware software, as well as the website used by the mastermind as his honeypot to steal money from thousands of consumers and businesses around the world.

You can listen to the full audio recording and view detailed information concerning the company behind one of the largest hijacking of computers in history. You will hear the mastermind’s vision on how he hoped to make millions utilizing ransomware and malware to affect computers.

To listen the excerpts of the conversation, go to http://nationalcybersecurity.com/wanacry-ransomware-mastermind-revealed.

To listen to this audio recording download the National Cyber Security 5.0 App for free in the Apple or Google Play store.

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Notes: * = For the security of the employees of National Cyber Security Ventures, Corp. it is our policy that full names are not released to the public.


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