How #AI will underpin #cyber security in the next few #years

Source: National Cyber Security News

Cyber security risks are growing in complexity and volume, but artificial intelligence techniques can help businesses track and fight them in real time

Cyber criminals continue to launch increasingly sophisticated and devastating attacks on industrial, business and financial organisations around the world – and the damage from such crime could reach $6tn by 2021, according to a report from Cybersecurity Ventures.

It has become clear that organisations cannot simply rely on manpower and human interaction to fight off cyber attacks. Not only is it time-consuming for employees to spot potential threats, but it is also challenging to come up with security technologies to prevent them. So there are fears that businesses will continue to fall victim to hackers.

As a result, organisations are being forced to consider new ways to boost their cyber defences. Whether it is implementing new cloud strategies or big data analytics, many companies are showing that they can think outside the box when it comes to modernising their IT security defences.

But artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging as the frontrunner in the battle against cyber crime. With autonomous systems, businesses are in a far better place to strengthen and reinforce cyber security strategies.

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