Important Tips to Make your Apple iPhone Hack Proof


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The Apple iPhone has made life easier for the user. Accessibility and connectivity are made convenient for the user. However, overtaking someone else’s data has also been made convenient. If data accessibility is easier for you, it can be accessible for someone else as well. Despite iOS providing its users with a plethora of features for online security, crimes such as cyber theft and hacking are still prevalent. Plenty of loopholes in the system make the crime possible. Apple had to shut down its development center for a few days due to similar wicked activity. Apple reported that users had nothing to worry about, but it is better to be vigilant before than repent later. All Apple consumers have to access the company’s website to download different apps. Therefore, the user is required to have an account. The incident indicates that consumers also require protection for their passcode and passwords on the web. Hazards of Staying Connected Speculation has it that hacking can be done in your iPhone when it is connected to the charger. As the data is being transferred through cable onto the device, the probability of data hacking at this point increases even more. As people stay […]

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