Information Security Compliance Associate

The nature of audit is changing as the systems which underlie our operations become more sophisticated and robust. With this increased sophistication comes increased reliance on technology-related controls to mitigate operational and financial risk, as well as increased access to transaction-level data. You will be responsible for assisting in all aspects of execution: from identifying opportunities for us to focus on, to developing the infrastructure and analyses to make progress in those areas. Further, you will serve as an Information Technology subject matter specialist and support the execution of Operational, Financial and Technology-related reviews. 

In this capacity you will execute planned audit procedures, working to identify any issues and solve problems at the root cause. You’ll help the team understand how the audit function supports our overall business objectives and participate in scoping internal audits and risk assessments through an established process. You’ll be on top of deadlines and will create scalable reporting systems to communicate results of audits to both internal audiences and regulatory compliance agencies. You have a hands-on, tactical approach for resolving issues, and an eye for detail ensures that everything is balanced at the end of the day.


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