Board of Directors

Gregory D. Evans

Founder, CEO & Chairmen of the Board

LIGATT Security International was created by Gregory D. Evans, who is ranked as one of the world’s number one computer security experts. LIGATT is a forward thinking company that works to anticipate and develop computer security services and products that our customers need.

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Stacy L Merrell
Board of Directors

Stacy L. Merrell started her own consulting firm in April 2009. Her company M.I.H. (Make It Happen) Management and Consulting motto, “The Turn-Key Solution To Your Vision”, is what keeps her going. Her ability to see the big picture without forgetting the details it takes to get there is her secret weapon. With high profile clients, Stacy has used her corporate background to create strategy plans for start-up non-profit organizations and national programs. Stacy has not only created proposals and business strategies for both local and national programs, but has led them to execution and replication. She has also led several process development and improvement projects to help individuals and companies become more efficient. Prior to the start of her own company, Stacy worked for Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc. for 11 years. During her tenor at Bell she was promoted 6 times in 10 years affording her the opportunity to work in 5 different departments in the organization and understanding the inner workings of an entire company. Stacy led several enterprise projects with total budgets exceeding $50M during her tenor. Stacy holds a M.B.A. with a concentration in Project Management from The University of Texas at Dallas and a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Florida A&M University. She holds a certification in Project Management and is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt and trained Six Sigma Black Belt. She spent time in Germany doing International Study in Project Management and has a proven track record of being a dedicated, motivated, self starter, problem solver and leader with great enthusiasm and attitude towards team and company success.

Gregory Scott
Board of Directors

Scott, a 23 year veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), recently retired from the Los Angeles office. Scott worked in Los Angeles and the Washington, D.C. area, where he held many leadership positions in administration and conducted criminal investigations. He is a graduate of University of Michigan where he received his Bachelor of Arts in General Studies with a concentration in Accounting. He recently managed a cyber squad task force that investigated the exploitation and sexual abuse of children in Southern California, resulting in successful outcomes and awards from the United States Attorney’s Office.

Recognized and commended as a team leader, Scott led an inspection team that audited FBI field offices throughout the United States to evaluate efficiency and effectiveness of the financial management function. He supervised the Los Angeles FBI “Innocent Images” National Initiative Undercover Operation and consulted with the Office of International Operations. This program achieved 54 arrests, 29 Information and Indictments, and 33 convictions.

William Maxberry
Board of Directors

Maxberry graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. He is a former FBI agent and former supervisor/Program Manager in the CART (Computer Analysis and Response Team) unit of the FBI. Maxberry has experience implementing security programs that increased client’s awareness, decreased network exposure, and strengthened overall organization security. His outstanding leadership abilities assisted him in his role of leading and directing the field operations of all FBI forensic digital laboratories west of the Mississippi River.

From 1987-1995, Maxberry worked in White Collar Crimes, on the Bank Fraud Squad, Government Contract Fraud Squad, and the FBI’s First Computer Fraud Squad. In recent years, he worked on the Technical Squad, in the Counter Intelligence Department, and in the Engineering Research Facility Laboratory Division. Gaining hands on experience developing secure network designs, systems development and full lifecycle project management, led Maxberry to develop effective policies and procedures.

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