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Source: National Cyber Security News

Software giant Microsoft has added its voice to a growing chorus calling for the creation of a federal cybersecurity agency to coordinate the U.S. government’s response to nation-state and cyber criminal threats.

In a blog post on Monday, Microsoft’s Senior Director of Trustworthy Computing, Paul Nicholas, called on the U.S. and other nations to replace ad-hoc efforts to address cyber threats by creating a “single national cybersecurity agency” that will pull together key government functions related to information security and “ensure policies are prioritized across the nation.”

The recommendation, which Microsoft described in a whitepaper (PDF), comes amid increasing concern that events are overtaking governments, leaving the world vulnerable to catastrophes that may have their origins in activities that take place on the Internet. Speaking in Lisbon, Portugal on Monday, U.N. Secretary Antonio Guterres called for the creation of global rules that minimize the impact of electronic warfare on civilian populations.

“Episodes of cyber warfare between states already exist. What is worse is that there is no regulatory scheme for that type of warfare, it is not clear how the Geneva Convention or international humanitarian law applies to it,” Guterres said in the speech, which was given at the University of Lisbon, Reuters reported.

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