Response Letter to CBS’s False Report

Below is the unedited version of the letter LIGATT Security’ Public Relations Department sent over to CBS.

To Whom It May Concern:

We at LIGATT Security International are disappointed with the false accusation that CBS 46 Atlanta News Investigator Jeff Chirico is reporting about Gregory D.  Evans.  The story, “Hacker or Hoax”, being released tonight on Monday, February 14, 2011 at 11p.m seems to be bias and has know credible source for the information that is being portrayed.  On November 29, 2010, Mr. Evans appeared as a credible source to speak about online security for CBS Atlanta 46 on “Cyber Monday.” We are unclear on your reasoning to consult with a “credible source” on your news station, yet months later release a one sided story discrediting Mr. Evans on his expertise as a Cyber Security Expert.

Unbeknownst to CBS Atlanta 46, Mr. Evans has faced many challenges over the past year, mostly because he is an African American male dominating a predominantly Caucasian industry. During November 2009, an article was release on Gregory D. Evans entitled “Operation: NiggerMatrix”.  “Operation Nigger Matrix” (see attached for a copy of the full 16 pages) where they refer to Mr. Evans as a “nigger” over 40 times. They also talk about trying to ruin the reputation of Gregory Evans as well as his companies LIGATT Security and  The article stated a “Raid Planning” that encouraged users to:

  • Leave racist, homophobic comments on his blog
  • Leave nasty comments on his videos, since the nigger shut off his channel comments
  • Make multiple YouTube accounts and send offensive, horrible messages
  • Give his sites bad ratings with WebofTrust.
  • Ruin the reputation of Gregory Evans and his company LIGATT Security
  • Reduce share worth and share volume of LIGATT Security International Inc. to the lowest amount possible

The photograph that was shown of Mr. Gregory Evans being banned from the DC3 conference, held last month, was created by yet, another discreditable source. Additionally, Infinity Technology sponsored Mr. Evans last year to attend DC3’s conference. (Please see the attached receipt.) I have also attached a letter Mr. Evans’ lawyer sent over to the head representatives in charge of the DC3 conference. Jeff Chirico stated, “The Department of Defense wants to speak to Gregory D. Evans,” That is completely false and there is no proof of that alleged statement.

LIGATT Security International, a cyber security company who services over 20,000 customers, recently experienced a computer security breach. The same individuals who are involved in this security breach, who have been spreading negative and untruthful information via the Internet, and who came together to put CBS Atlanta 46 up to this charade, are the same individuals the FBI are investigating. To us, it seems Mr. Chirico is working with our competition and is out to destroy the reputation of Mr. Evans, the same plan “Operation Nigger Matrix” sought out to do.

The most important thing is an email we recovered and turned over to the FBI stated,  “One reason why we hacked him was because the guy at CBS news needed more.”  We turned this email over to the FBI. To discredit someone without conducting a formal interview with him to uncover the truth is vindictive and insulting. Gregory F Scott, LIGATT Security’s newest Board of Director and who has known Mr. Evans for years, is a recently retired FBI agent. Mr. Scott, who is well respected, would not be associated with Mr. Evans if he were not a creditable source. (Please see link to press release

When Mr. Chirico ambushed Mr. Evans in a public parking lot to discuss a 6-month-old plagiarism allegation was not professional due to the fact that he didn’t have any evidence to back up his case.  Since the book release, there hasn’t been any claims or lawsuits against Mr. Evans for plagiarism so therefore you cannot support the theory of plagiarism.

As a respected news station in Atlanta, GA, it is unbelievable to us how your reporter did not validate their sources before running a story on Mr. Evans.

Mr. Evans has been conducting cyber security practices for over 20 years without any issues, has given back to communities on numerous occasions, and has received two Humanitarian Awards. Mr. Evans credentials are unlike any of his competition.  He has received letter of recommendations from numerous entities from entertainers to government agencies.  You can find these recommendations and other accomplishments on his website.

Please visit for more information.

Best regards,

LIGATT Security International

Public Relations Department

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