Sadie Frost: phone hacking wrecked my life

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The actor Sadie Frost has described how phone hacking by journalists wrecked her life, causing her to fall out with her best friend, Kate Moss, and suspect her mother of selling stories to the press. Giving evidence at the high court in London, Frost said she became a nervous wreck and was afraid to leave the house for fear of being pursued by photographers. “It is difficult to explain the damage this has done to me. For many years, I was in a living hell,” she said in a witness statement. “I was suffering from depression, anxiety and regular panic attacks. I found it hard to leave the house and, if I finally made myself, I was followed … or they [the photographers] would turn up where I was going. This made my anxiety even worse.” Frost is one of eight phone-hacking victims, including the ex-footballer Paul Gascoigne, suing the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and the People publisher Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) for damages. Frost said she had lost three or four years of her children’s lives due to being hounded by the paparazzi every time she left the house. Maintaining her composure in the witness box, she said in […]

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