Salary #increase likely for #cybersecurity, #HR workers: study

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Professionals in cybersecurity and human resources are likely to get salary increases next year, while e-commerce and IT-related jobs will be in demand, underscoring the economy’s shift to digital, a consulting firm said Tuesday.

Robert Walters Southeast Asia said that based on its study, salaries of mid-level human resource officers could increase by as much as a 30 percent while cyber security experts could see their incomes go up 20 percent.

Companies in Southeast Asia are hiring experts in these fields as they create online and mobile platforms in to enhance competitiveness and increase market share, said Toby Fowlston, Managing Director for Robert Walters Southeast Asia.

“As a result of these transformations, many companies were looking to hire professionals with digital expertise, across both marketing and information technology, especially those who are proficient with back office digital infrastructure or niche with technology skills,” Fowlston said .

Experts in digitalization and e-commerce will be in demand, especially those skilled in cloud computing, platform-based solutions, cyber security and big data, Fowlston said.

Jobseekers who are changing companies in the HR industry, IT and accounting and finance are also likely to get 15 to 30 percent wage increases, according to the study.

However, Robert Walters also noted that companies in Southeast Asia were having difficulty attracting and retaining talented professionals.

“To attract and retain (talent) in this candidate-driven market, hiring managers will have to look beyond competitive salary packages and be more creative in their offers to potential hires,” said Eric Mary, Robert Walters Philippines Country Manager.

He added that employee training, clear career progression plans and communication on top of competitive salaries, and strong employer brand will help companies retain their best people.

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