Sony Postpones Earnings Announcement, Blaming Hacking Attacks


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HONG KONG — Sony said Friday that it would delay the report of its earnings for the quarter ended Dec. 31 as a result of the hacking attacks on its American film studio, Sony Pictures Entertainment. As those attacks led to public discussions about cybersecurity and geopolitics, and Hollywood’s relation with the two — and as the story moved from Sony to North Korea to the National Security Agency — it might have been easy to forget the scale of the disruption at the studio. In a filing Friday to the Financial Services Agency of Japan, the company said that after Sony Pictures shut down its entire computer network in response to the November intrusions, many crucial programs still were not running. Sony Pictures’ “financial and accounting applications and many other critical information technology applications will not be functional until early February 2015 due to the amount of destruction and disruption that occurred, and the care necessary to avoid further damage by prematurely restarting functions,” the company said in the filing. As a result, Sony is asking for an extension of a month and a half for its earnings report, though it said it would hold a call on Feb. 4 to […]

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