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Website/IP may be hackable , #hackerproof

Personal Notes: No Personal Notes Industry: Advertising Vulnerabilities: 14 Scan Date/Time: Fri, 27 Sep 2019 10:30:09 Purchase: Click here to Purchase the Report for $25 YOU CAN VIEW THIS REPORT FOR FREE VIA NATIONAL CYBER SECURITY 5.0 APP FOR YOUR PHONE AND TABLET. GET For FREE Via NATIONAL CYBER SECURITY 5.0 APP FOR YOUR […] View full post on | Can You Be Hacked?

Website/IP may be hackable #amihackerproof #aihp

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 Powered by Max Banner Ads  There are 5 stages to computer hacking, Reconnaissance, Scanning, Gaining Access, Maintaining Access and Covering Tracks. handles the first 2 stages, Reconnaissance and Scanning. When you see a computer hacker in the movies or on television, they never show you the reconnaissance or the scanning portion. 80% of computer hacking is research. also scans your website like a hacker to find vulnerabilities that might exploit the website. The following information is based on our vulnerability test, which may differ from other vulnerability scanners. Please note, websites are not hosted on the same server as the email server or the home/office network. What this scan does show, is the level of experience of the individuals hired by the company to protect their website. A persons level of education in website design or computer science, does not suggest they are computer hackers. Most computer hackers do not have college degrees. Some people believe that because they do not have any personal, financial or client information at their website, they are not vulnerable to being hacked. Here are some reasons that disprove this idea: – A hacker can redirect your website to your competitors website. – […]

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