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Vast #majority of #NHS trusts have #failed #cyber security #assessment, #Brit MPs told

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Every single one of the 200 NHS trusts in the UK so far assessed for cyber security resilience has failed an onsite assessment, MPs on the Public Accounts Committee were told yesterday.

There are a total of 236 trusts. There is no timeline on when the remaining thirty-six will be checked over.


In a hearing about the WannaCry incident last June, entitled “Cyber-attack on the NHS”, Rob Shaw, deputy chief exec of NHS Digital, denied it was the case that those bodies who didn’t get a passing grade had not done anything over cyber security.

He said: “The amount of effort it takes for NHS providers in such a complex estate to reach the cyber essential plus standard that we assess against… is quite a high bar. Some of them have failed purely on patching, which is what the vulnerability was around Wannacry.”

He added: “Some of them need to do a considerable amount of work, but a number of them are on a journey [to] meeting that requirement.”

Shaw said NHS Digital “may want to consider whether to re-inspect those at the highest risk, now we have the additional funding.”

Will Smart, chief information officer at NHS Improvement, said that since the incident £21m has been invested in improved cybersecurity, while another £150m has been identified to improve national systems and resilience over the next two years.

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Trump Failed To Bully Planned Parenthood, So He Plans To Defund It

After months of unpleasant suspense, President Donald Trump’s administration finally unveiled its replacement plan for the Affordable Care Act.

As expected, the bill includes a provision to strip all federal funding for Planned Parenthood, a nonprofit low-income healthcare provider helping millions that conservatives have rallied to defund for ages. The critics claimed the clinics use taxpayer money to provide abortion services – because the other healthcare services the organization provides to people don’t really matter, do they?

However, according to a latest report, Trump did offer Planned Parenthood to keep its funding in exchange for something impossible. As the New York Times revealed, the president gave the organization an ultimatum:

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The NSA failed to hack your phone


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Gemalto, the world’s largest manufacturer of SIM cards, said it believes it was jointly hacked by U.S. and U.K. spy agencies. At the time of the attacks in 2010 and 2011, Gemalto was unable to identify the perpetrator, “but we now think that they could be related to the NSA and GCHQ.” However, the attack “could not have resulted in a massive theft,” the company said in a statement. Gemalto released on Wednesday the results of an internal investigation after media reports last week claimed the NSA and its U.K. counterpart hacked into the company to get hold of encryption keys that allowed access to SIM cards around the globe. Related: Super-sneaky malware found in companies worldwide The attacks breached Gemalto’s office networks and attempted to intercept the encryption keys. But it ultimately failed, due to a secure transfer system Gemalto had in place. Plus, the company said that even if the encryption keys had been stolen, the spy agencies would only have the ability to spy on communications over 2G mobile networks, as 3G and 4G networks “are not vulnerable to this type of attack.” Based in the Netherlands, Gemalto reportedly makes two billion SIM cards per year. Clients […]

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Microsoft, Yahoo Upgrades Shows Snowden Won, Obama Failed

  Former U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden succeeded where PresidentBarack Obama couldn’t — getting Microsoft Corp., Google Inc. and Yahoo! Inc. to upgrade computer security against hackers. The companies are adopting harder-to-crack code to protect their networks and data, after years of largely rebuffing calls from the White House and privacy advocates to improve security. The new measures come after documents fromSnowden revealed […] View full post on Gregory d. evans