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#cybersecurity | #hackerspace | How Idaptive Helped SBA Communications Uncross Its Wires To Achieve More Innovative Wireless Delivery

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

Wireless communications infrastructure company SBA Communications knew it was likely going to remain one of the smaller of that industry’s “big three” (behind American Tower and Crown Castle), and CEO Jeffrey Stoops was perfectly OK with that. As long as SBA Communications continued to prize being relevant and innovative over being big, they would cement their reputation.

“We were never going to be the largest,” said Stoops in a conversation with Inside Towers managing Editor Jim Fryer on an episode of the “Tower Talks” podcast. “Instead, we focused on trying to build and acquire and operate the best quality assets that we could. Assets that would stand the test of time and that would always be relevant to our customers. Assets that could navigate not just where the industry was at the time, but where it was headed.” 

When SBA Communications began using SaaS-based apps like Innotas, ExpenseWatch, and Yammer, they implemented Microsoft’s Active Directory Federation Service (AD FS) and although it met their needs at the time, AD FS proved challenging to integrate. The process was time-consuming and expensive, and slowed SBA’s digital evolution. As cloud-based apps began to become more and more vital to their operation, it was clear something had to change. 

A Migration Impasse

When a new version of AD FS was released shortly after SBA Communications adopted the service, the company was faced with another arduous and expensive integration process. Instead, they decided on the slightly lesser of two evils – not integrating the new version, and instead running two live versions of AD FS. It was clearly not ideal. “Integration was so painful the first time around that we dreaded having to migrate those same apps into the new environment,” says SBA Communications Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer Jorge Grau. “When resources are scarce, migrating a product that’s already working never becomes a priority.” 

To tackle their unwieldy and inefficient system, SBA Communications began looking at IDaaS solutions. The decision would involve more than just the bottom line, as the company considered a number of factors. “In the end, it wasn’t just about dollars,” says Grau. “It came down to product functionality and which provider would best support us in integrating new apps. Company reputation, customer interviews, and existing integrations with SaaS providers also played a significant role. Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities were the icing on the cake.” 

A Fix For Everything

SBA Communications prides itself on staying ahead of the curve, and they were being weighed down by inefficient systems. Idaptive allowed for simpler integration with cloud apps and mobile device flexibility. But more importantly, it allowed them to – in Stroop’s words – keep an eye on “where the industry was headed” by improving security measures in light of several high-profile data breaches in the communications industry. With Idaptive, SBA Communications could more easily enforce passwords on devices, encrypt mobile communications, and could even eliminate proprietary SBA Communications email from any mobile device at a moment’s notice. 

Not only was Idaptive’s solution more efficient and empowering, it saved SBA Communications an estimated $50,000-$60,000 a year in AD FS costs and negated the need for a separate MDM solution entirely. Integrations take significantly less time, and there is no redundancy and fewer security vulnerabilities. 

As it stands among the “big three,” SBA Communications was now poised to challenge size and scale with innovation, flexibility, and security. And they are perfectly OK with that. 

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#cybersecurity | #hackerspace | FastMed Improves Urgent Care And Patient Privacy with Idaptive

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans For FastMed Urgent Care, speed and efficiency are about much more than creating operational excellence. It translates into prompt, personal, and high-quality medical care where and when patients need it.  With a laser focus on providing best-in-class family and occupational healthcare, FastMed is constantly looking for […] View full post on

#cybersecurity | #hackerspace | Idaptive Brings Next-Gen Access to Government Agencies with GSA Designation

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

To cap off an incredible first year for Idaptive’s sales and channel program, we’re proud to announce that Idaptive is now on the  U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule, so we are now able to offer GSA government agencies and state and local governments the identity and access management services they need to benefit from true Zero Trust security. With this designation, Idaptive can bring the future of identity and access to the public service sector, empowering government agencies to enable seamless and secure access to public servants and citizens alike through our Next-Gen Access Cloud. 

The GSA is the purchasing arm of the U.S. Government, and lists contracts or schedules available for vendors to bid on. To become eligible to bid on a GSA schedule, Idaptive had to complete a series of steps that included obtaining a DUNS number, registering in the government’s SAM (System for Award Management), and providing previous customer contact information as a means for the GSA to perform a past performance evaluation. 

GSA status is a non-industry specific designation, and Idaptive was able to earn its GSA approval through the help of our strategic channel partner ImmixGroup. This partnership marks the next chapter for Idaptive’s blossoming channel program, which we launched from scratch earlier this year. Since then, it has grown to include a total of 152 incredible solution providers and technology integrators and accounts for nearly 80 percent of our sales to date. All while racking up a number of channel-based awards wins and accolades along the way (check those out below). 

Brian Krause, Idaptive’s Director of Worldwide Channels, explains that GSA is an important next step for both Idaptive and for Federal, state and local governments when it comes to bringing much-needed innovation and security to the country’s most important public service agencies. 

“There’s no one more at risk to data breaches than government agencies, and the stakes are often far higher,” said Krause. “With GSA designation, we’re proud to deliver Next-Gen Access identity technology to help more government organizations implement a Zero Trust security posture while also improving employee productivity, enhancing citizen and partner experiences, and reducing the risk of data breaches.” 

2019 was a huge year for Idaptive and our channel program, and we look forward to seeing what next year has in store! Stay tuned in 2020 for more updates on the future of identity from Idaptive. 


Check out all of Idaptive’s channel program news and recognitions this year here: 

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The post #cybersecurity | #hackerspace |<p> Idaptive Brings Next-Gen Access to Government Agencies with GSA Designation <p> appeared first on National Cyber Security.

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