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#deepweb | Go, Take A Dive In Joe’s Deep Dark World, But Come Out Of It Before It’s Too Late

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You Season 2 Review: Star Cast: Penn Badgley, Victoria Pedretti, Jenna Ortega, James Scully, Carmela Zumbado, Ambyr Childers, Elizabeth Lail

Developed By: Greg Berlanti, Sera Gamble

Streaming On: Netflix

You Season 2 Review: What’s It About? & How’s The Screenplay?

You Season 2 Review: Go, Take A Dive In Joe’s Deep Dark World, But Come Out Of It Before It’s Too Late

After Candace comes back Joe’s life to seek revenge, he immediately leaves New York and goes to Los Angeles and roots for ‘A Fresh Start’. He changes his name. Now he is Will Bettleheim. Finds new love in Love Quinn and new family in her brother Forty Quinn and starts working at their bakery only.

Joe Goldberg aka Will Bettleheim has huge baggage of past on his mind now and he wants to change himself completely. To make the necessary changes in his life, he does everything possible but how easy or difficult it is to get out of the dark world once you are sucked in in? Or is it possible?

Watch out You Season 2 to know about that.

The first season of You was loved by the audience for its unique style of presenting the dark side of a man. His creepy yet charming personality looted the audience especially girls’ hearts even though they didn’t want it to be the case. A serial killer, a stalker who has wild senses and absolutely no control over them. When killing someone he doesn’t think he is doing a sin, he convinces himself to think that he is helping his loved one instead. Now that’s something really hard-hitting. How will a person realise that he is doing wrong if he has convinced himself for it with all the heart? Before killing someone he has killed his soul and that’s scary to the core.

In season 2, things get creepier. As Joe, now Will tries to lead a more peaceful and better life, he faces bigger challenges. While trying to make a better future and making peace with the past, there come several situations which will make you hit the pause button and close your eyes, because what are you even watching? Also, the show keeps you hooked and provides you an edge of the seat thrill which makes this 10-episode show worth a binge-watch. Although season 2 seems a little slower compared to the first one that doesn’t turn out to be a major issue.

But watch out the show for its mind fu**ing finale! Don’t miss the last two episodes of the show for anything as they hold most of the juice. It’s unpredictable and shocking to the core.

You Season 2 Review: How Are The Performances?

Penn Badgley lives the character of Joe aka Will. He gets into the skin of the character so much so that it’s impossible to think that Penn and Joe are not the same people. Performing a layered and complex character like this is no child’s play and Penn has done it so effortlessly.

Victoria Pedretti who was last seen in The Haunting of Hill House looks gorgeous and performs very well. She is a natural actor and makes her character of Love Quinn believable.

James Scully as Forty Quinn is effortless. He does his job beautifully and leaves an impression.

Jenna Ortega & Carmela Zumbado are good too. Ambyr Childers as Candace makes the screen look magical. Elizabeth Lail is there too for a small interval as Will keeps on hallucinating her. Basically, American shows have a typical way of keeping their dead characters alive. Someone has to suffer hallucination issues after a person dies and the latter must come in former’s thoughts. After 13 Reasons Why, I’ve seen the same thing in this one as well and have understood why Ekta Kapoor has a thing of bringing back dead people in her serials like anything.

Overall, You Season 2 is a must-watch if you loved the first season. if you haven’t seen the first one yet, make sure you start from there. Go, take a dive in the deep dark world of Joe but make sure you come out before it’s too late.

Rating: 3.5/5

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#hacking | Andrew Little says probe into foreign interference has arrived too late

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Sweeping law changes proposed by an official inquiry into last year’s election and foreign interference have taken too long to be of use for next year’s election, Justice Minister Andrew Little says.

Parliament’s Justice Select Committee on Tuesday released the findings of its long-delayed report into the 2017 election and 2016 local body elections.

Major recommendations in a lengthy list of 55 include handing control of local elections from councils to the Electoral Commission and giving the Commission powers to enforce and investigate minor breaches of electoral law (major breaches would stay with the police).

They also cover changes to foreign donations, a ban on foreign Government’s owning New Zealand media organisations, changes to advertising laws, stricter requirements on parties to properly check the source of donations and recommendations aimed at defending against misinformation and hacking during the next election.

But Justice Minister Andrew Little, who has already introduced a series of changes to electoral laws in this term in Government, says the report has come back too late to be of any use before voters head to the polls in 2020.

“The inquiry has been going for over 18 months … It’s unfortunate that the delay means that we pretty much won’t be able to take anything else out of the report to make changes,” Little told reporters.

“When you leave it to two weeks before Christmas before an election year to recommend changes to the Electoral Act it’s pretty hard to make changes.”

Little has already introduced legislation based on the Electoral Commission’s recommendations and says he couldn’t wait any longer.

Changes already put forward by the Government include a ban on most foreign donations announced last week, and allowing voting at supermarkets on election day, revealed earlier this year.

National MP Nick Smith as blamed the Government for taking too long to get the inquiry going in the first place. Photo / Mark Mitchell

The Select Committee process has been fraught, having gone through six different chairs this year and prompted National MP Nick Smith to describe it as a farce.

The committee is split between National and Labour Party members.

It wasn’t started until September, 2018, – a year after the election – and later expanded to also cover foreign interference risks – although intelligence agencies said their security protocols for dealing with foreign and cyber-security threats weren’t necessary in 2017. Two National and two Labour members also left the during the process.

The committee’s first chair, Labour’s Raymond Huo, stood down in April this year after a debate over whether to let China expert and University of Canterbury professor Anne-Marie Brady be heard.

In its response to Tuesday’s report, National said the process had also been turned into a “sham” by Little introducing electoral laws before the recommendations were out, and without consensus with the Opposition.

“I don’t think the Government took the inquiry seriously,” Smith said.

“It’s very disappointing and dismissive of the Minister. There’s many recommendations in there that are important.”

Smith said the Government had taken too long to begin the process.

“It’s peculiar for the Minister to be criticising the delay,” he said.

“They didn’t even start the inquiry until 12 months after the election. The extension of the terms of reference did not occur until late last year and we didn’t even hear submissions on the foreign interference issue until April this year.”

But Labour’s Meka Whaitiri, the committee’s last chair, said while she shared Little’s regret at the delay, she dismissed Smith’s criticism and said “a lot of diplomacy” had been required to get the report over the line.

“If it was just a single, stand-alone inquiry, but it was complicated that it was really three substantive inquiries in one,” she said.

“Put it this way, the fact that it’s a split Select Committee you are going to get robust debate. And that’s exactly what we got.”

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eHarmony Sees Revenue From Elevated Careers Late This Year

REUTERS – Apr 1 – eHarmony has signed on at least 2 big partners for 6-month trials – AT&T Inc and American Airlines, Dan Erickson said, adding that organizations with a workforce of around 1,000 would hypothetically pay $10K annually once the service is priced. Read More….

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Australian dad posed as crime boss to find his late son’s illegal drug suppliers

An Australian father whose only son died while under the influence of a synthetic recreational drug has infiltrated the Chinese criminal gangs exporting the substances to our shores.

Rod Bridge’s son Preston died in February 2013, after leaping from a Perth balcony while on the synthetic drug, 25i-NBOMe.

It is believed the 16-year-old was under the impression he could fly before he plunged to his death.

“The hallucination for some reason caused him to think he could fly or jump.

“Witnesses have come forward and said he didn’t just fall off a balcony, he ran.”

One hit of 25i-NBOMe is the size of six grains of salt and is up to 60 times more potent than LSD.

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