The 1,000-plus New Year Honours 2020 recipients in the UK received a doxing in addition to the acknowledgement of their good deeds by the Cabinet Office.

The annual
list of those honored for their activity in the arts, science, medicine, sport
or government had not only their names published as is the normal custom, but
also mistakenly their home and work addresses and postal codes, reported the BBC. The list
of honorees
was posted on December 28 and included those ranging from Elton
John, to cricketer Ben Stokes, former Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan
Smith along with many lesser-known figures such as senior police officers.

version of the New Year Honours 2020 list was published in error which
contained recipients’ addresses. The information was removed as soon as
possible,” the spokesman said,” the Evening Standard reported.

The government
has reported the incident to its own Information Commissioner’s Office for
further investigation.