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Former Volunteer Coach Accused Of Child Sex Crimes | Local News I Racine County Eye | #bumble | #tinder | #pof | #onlinedating | romancescams | #scams

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RACINE – A former volunteer wrestling coach at Horlick High School has been charged by the Racine County District Attorney’s Office in a 27-count complaint related to child sex crimes. […]

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#childpredator | Predators among us: TTPS to launch sexual offences unit | Local News | #parenting | #parenting | #kids

Predators are among us! In the last week alone, more than 10 cases of sexual assault against minors were heard in the courts and today, two more men were expected […] View full post on National Cyber Security

#sextrafficking | Local moms marching against child sex trafficking | #tinder | #pof | #match | romancescams | #scams

_________________________ MEDFORD, Ore. – A nationwide outcry against child trafficking is being heard in the Rogue Valley.  Several residents in Northern California and Southern Oregon are putting on events this […] View full post on National Cyber Security

#sextrafficking | Local Anti-Sex Trafficking Nonprofit To Host Virtual Fundraising Event | #tinder | #pof | #match | romancescams | #scams

_________________________ Love’s Arm will host the “Lights On” Campaign fundraiser on Aug. 30 from 7-9 p.m. via a Facebook Live event. The event allows donors to sponsor “a day of […] View full post on National Cyber Security

#deepweb | Local Search and Rescue Assists Iditarod Mushers Stuck in Overflow – KNOM Radio Mission

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Nome Search and Rescue responded to the call to rescue three Iditarod mushers from overflow near the Solomon River late Friday morning.

Just before 9am Friday, Jim West Jr., the head of Nome Volunteer Ambulance Department, received a call from Mike Owens of the Iditarod Trail Committee. When West heard three teams were stuck in overflow he realized they would need more than just a group of snowmachiners to get them out. So, West contacted the Alaska State Troopers and Alaska National Air Guard.

Because we didn’t know how bad these guys were, if they were wet or hypothermic or if hypothermia had set in. They called RCC and RCC released the helicopter to us, I sent down two EMTs in the helicopter along with a couple of dog handlers from Iditarod and they flew down while the ground crew took off.”

The RCC is the Rescue Coordination Center.

West described the mushers Sean Underwood, Tom Knolmayer,
and Matthew Failor as having some minor injuries and signs of hypothermia.

“The one couldn’t feel his legs, probably frostbite on his toes. And nothing blistering or anything like that but when you spend so much time out there on the water the cold water just sucks everything right out of your body. You don’t have enough energy to do anything.”

The mushers were able to walk themselves to the
helicopter and be taken to Nome for medical treatment. Their encounter with
overflow was only part of a very difficult overnight trip in the winter storm.

“They said they had left White Mountain last night at about 11 and battled wet, soft snow and waist-deep water …”

Dog handlers mushed the teams of sled dogs to Safety Roadhouse where they could be examined by an Iditarod veterinarian before being transported to Nome. Iditarod Race staff are re-working the trail from Elim to Nome so that the remaining 11 teams can complete the 1,000 mile race.

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#cybersecurity | #hackerspace | Securing Windows 10 with Local Group Policy

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans Introduction When it comes to quickly making wide-ranging modifications to Windows systems, Group Policy is usually at the top of the list for ease-of use and raw power. The problem is that most people think of Group Policy as this all-encompassing voodoo that is only for […] View full post on AmIHackerProof.com

FBI Expands Election Security Alerts Beyond Victims to State, Local Officials

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans by DH Kass • Jan 20, 2020 The Federal Bureau of Investigation will now notify state officials when a local election has been hit by hackers, a course reversal from a prior closed door policy not to extend notification beyond victims of cyber attacks. A protracted […] View full post on AmIHackerProof.com

Local #company’s #system #hacked; employee #info #stolen

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

 Green Bay Police say they are investigating the hacking of a local corporation’s computer network, resulting in the theft of “significant amounts of money” from victims in the organization.

Police did not immediately identify the company that was attacked. Action 2 News will work to find that out.

Officers say the hackers stole human resources information.

“In this case, it appeared the cyber actors utilized a known vulnerability to access the company’s computer systems and human resources software to steal personal identifying information from employees,” reads a statement from Capt. Jeremy Muraski.

Police say the vulnerability was a known issue and a security patch had not been installed and updated.

“This incident demonstrates how vital it is to maintain public facing computer systems with the latest security patches from the server companies as cyber actors will attempt to use exploits as long as they are finding vulnerable systems,” reads the statement from Capt. Muraski.

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Local #cyber-security #firm warns #voters of #clickbait links ahead of #GE14

A local cyber-security firm have warned voters to be prepared for a rise in clickbait phishing links that could potentially be a cybersecurity threat in the upcoming 14th General Election (GE14).

Quann Malaysia general manager, Ivan Wen, said in a statement that the internet could see a rise in clickbait phishing sites or emails with attachments and sensational titles that trick users to click links for “Exclusive” or “Shocking” stories.

“When a news sounds too good to be true, it is likely fake news,” he said.

Phishing sites are used to trick victims into giving their personal data such as email addresses, identity card numbers, and even credit card information.

These phishing emails can also launch ransomware attacks that encrypt important information on the device.

In a worst-case scenario, this can become a national threat, the firm said.

“Besides that, these phishing links could automatically be shared with your contacts once they have access to your device,” Wen said.

According to a report by Dynamic Business Technologies, 48 per cent of IT providers reported that phishing emails were behind ransomware attacks.

Quann cites two country elections where clickbait links resulted in cyber security threats.

In the 2016 US Elections, a phishing campaign by Russian Intelligence Agency was allegedly launched against a US company involved in developing election systems. Fake Google alert emails were sent to employees which when clicked took them to a legitimate looking Google site where hackers were able to steal their data.

Using information obtained in the attack, the hackers sent 122 phishing emails containing Microsoft Word document attachments to local government agencies offering ‘election related products and services’.

These documents had been ‘trojanised’ with a Visual Basic script that once connected to the internet, downloaded an unknown payload to the device, to steal and access the victim’s information, the company said.

Wen said in UK last year, several parliament MPs were targeted in a phishing campaign. While the report said parliament sites and addresses were not compromised, several individual’s personal emails were being compromised with key information leaks.

To prevent being infected by malware via clickbait links, the company advised users to take the following precautions:

• Key in the address of a legitimate news site instead of directly clicking links sent to you

• Before clicking, hover your mouse pointer over the link to view the link address. Do not click website links that are unfamiliar, even if they came from someone you know. Their accounts could have been compromised.

• Install an Anti-Phishing Toolbar and Antivirus that run quick checks on sites you visit to ensure they are safe to visit.

• Only access secure sites that begin with “https” with a closed lock icon near the address bar.

• Regularly monitor your online accounts to ensure they have not been hacked. Use strong passwords and regularly change them.

• Regularly update your browsers with the necessary security patches.

• Beware of pop-up windows masquadering as legitimate extensions of a website as they are often used to target users visiting a website that has been compromised.


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Engagement, #accessibility, #cybersecurity top #local government #priorities

If you asked a ballroom full of government leaders what keeps them up at night, what do you think they would say? According to our latest “What’s Next in Digital Communications for Local Government” survey results, expanding citizen engagement, increasing digital accessibility and minimizing cybersecurity risks top their to-do lists.

Nearly 370 municipal and county government officials across North America participated in the December 2017 survey to assess the current state of digital communications in local government and project future trends.

Topping the list of priorities for 2018 is citizen engagement, with two-thirds of survey respondents planning to invest in technology to increase digital connections with their customers. It’s the second year in a row that “expand citizen engagement” was cited as the top priority for the next 12 months.

Moreover, 80 percent of the local leaders said they plan to invest in social media tools this year. As one survey participant noted, “social media is one of the biggest channels where citizen engagement happens.”

At a time when social media consumption is at an all-time high, it’s not surprising that local government leaders are realizing the impact digital engagement can have in creating positive relationships with citizens and improving customer experience.

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