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A land­mark agree­ment on data-shar­ing between the United States and Europe is “in­val­id,” an ad­viser to a top European court said Wed­nes­day, in a de­cision that could lay the ground­work for lim­it­a­tions on the Na­tion­al Se­cur­ity Agency’s glob­al In­ter­net spy­ing prac­tices. The NSA’s use of a trans-At­lantic “safe-har­bor” agree­ment forged in 2000 to com­pel com­pan­ies like Face­book to share per­son­al data on European cit­izens demon­strates a lack of ad­equate pri­vacy pro­tec­tions un­der­gird­ing the pact, said Yves Bot, the ad­voc­ate gen­er­al for the European Court of Justice, in a non­bind­ing but po­ten­tially in­flu­en­tial leg­al opin­ion. “The law and prac­tice of the United States al­low the large-scale col­lec­tion of the per­son­al data of cit­izens of the EU … without those cit­izens be­ne­fit­ing from ef­fect­ive ju­di­cial pro­tec­tion,” Bot wrote. Bot also said that the level of ac­cess gran­ted to the NSA on trans­ferred data con­sti­tuted an in­ter­fer­ence with the Charter of Fun­da­ment­al Rights of the European Uni­on, which prom­ises a right to pro­tect per­son­al data. The ad­voc­ate gen­er­al also said European data-pro­tec­tion au­thor­it­ies could sus­pend trans­fers of data to oth­er coun­tries on grounds of pro­tect­ing pri­vacy. The case was brought by Max Schrems, an Aus­tri­an law stu­dent, who ini­ti­ated a chal­lenge ori­gin­ally against […]

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Rape prevention classes should be mandated within Cleveland schools: Jack Coffey and Kelly Papenfus (Opinion)

A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that nearly one in five women in the United States has been raped during her lifetime. The Cleveland Rape Crisis Center reports that women between the ages of 16 and 24 are four times more vulnerable to rape than any other national demographic. Furthermore, victims of sexual assault and violence are at an increased risk of acquiring a litany of mental health issues, ranging from major depressive disorder to post-traumatic stress disorder, and the experience of sexual assault and violence increases the risk of suicide. Read More….

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