A new internal policy at the FBI will ensure “timely
federal notification” to state and local election officials when a cyber
intrusion affect the election infrastructure, the bureau said.

“Understanding that mitigation of such
incidents often hinges on timely notification, the FBI has established a new
internal policy outlining how the FBI will notify state and local officials
responsible for administering election infrastructure of cyber activity
targeting their infrastructure,” the FBI said in a release, noting that “each state
has a designated person to serve as its chief state election official with
ultimate authority over elections held” the state holds, often including the
certification of election results.

“All of this is welcome
news, but it is not enough. I will continue to push for federal officials to
provide more information to the voting public when foreign powers interfere
with our democracy,” Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla., said in a statement. “Our
citizens will then be in a position to check their voter registration data to
confirm it wasn’t tampered with and to hold accountable state and local
officials who fail to protect election infrastructure.”