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What we train our police to do — and what they actually do | #schoolshooting | #parenting | #parenting | #kids

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Police: Dangerous holes in school-shooting prevention strategy

Police have warned of potentially dangerous gaps in agencies’ abilities to prevent murderous attacks on schools and colleges in Finland.

Despite improvements in the way authorities try to prevent school shootings, since 19 people were killed in two massacres in 2007 and 2008, there remain worrying shortcomings in the way potential threats are dealt with, according to law enforcement agencies.

Police researcher Marko Savolainen says that under the current system, no single agency has responsibility for cases in which a youngster cannot be diagnosed with mental health problems, but is still clearly a danger to others.

”If a young person admits to planning a mass murder, but is not psychotic or mentally ill or in need of care, the door is open to them.

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