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Data about inmates and jail staff spilled by leaky prison app – Naked Security

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

Inmates’ and correctional facilities employees’ data has been sloshed onto the web, unencrypted and unsecured, in yet another instance of a misconfigured cloud storage bucket.

Security researchers at vpnMentor came across the leak on 3 January during a web-mapping project that was scanning a range of Amazon S3 addresses to look for open holes in systems.

The leaky bucket belongs to JailCore, a cloud-based app meant to manage correctional facilities, including by helping to ensure better compliance with insurance standards by doing things like tracking inmates’ medications and activities. That means that the app handles personally identifiable information (PII) that includes detainees’ names, mugshots, medication names, and behaviors: going to the lavatory, sleeping, pacing, or cursing, for example.

JailCore also tracks correctional officers’ names, sometimes their signatures, and their personally filled out observational reports on the detainees.

Some of the PII is meant to be freely available to the public: details such as detainee names, dates of birth and mugshots are already publicly available from most state or county websites within rosters of current inmates. But another portion of the data is not: that portion includes specific medication information and additional sensitive data, vpnMentor says, such as the PII of correctional officers.

JailCore closed down the data leak between 15 and 16 January: 10 or 11 days after vpnMentor notified it about the breach (and about the same time that the security firm reached out to the Pentagon about it). The company initially refused to accept vpnMentor’s disclosure findings, the firm said.

Zoosk Drops 1/3 Of Its Staff

TECH CRUNCH – Jan 14 – Despite $61M in funding, Zoosk is laying off 1/3 of its staff. Read More….

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Child porn and drugs see five UN staff fired

All four were sacked, while another member of staff was fired for transporting 173kg of marijuana in an official vehicle.

The five cases happened between 1 July 2014 and 30 June 2015, the report said.

The UN report does not include information on any criminal charges brought against the former staff.

The four staff sacked for possession of child pornography were dismissed under “misuse of United Nations information and communications technology”, the report said.

The report details disciplinary actions for misconduct and criminal behaviour involving the UN secretariat’s 41,000 staff. It does not specify where the former staff were stationed, or when they were dismissed.

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Meetic Laid Off Most Of Its Staff In Spain

SABEMOSDIGITAL – Sep 22 – IAC has decided that they can manage the Spanish business from France, and laid off most of

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Cyber criminals are most likely to go after your sales staff

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

UK sales staff are the most likely to suffer a cyber attack, according to a new report from Intel Security, cited by Computer Business Review. Their frequent online contact with non-staff members makes companies’ sales teams more vulnerable to online attacks than other workers or even the company chief technology officer (CTO). Call centre and customer services teams are next in line for attack, said the report. Even so, companies are failing to provide security training to non-technical staff, claims Intel Security. More than half (51%) of UK companies do not provide their sales staff with IT security training, despite the risks. Meanwhile, one in ten UK companies are failing to provide any of their staff with mandatory online security training. This is the highest rate across Europe. At the same time, the researchers noted a rise in the number of untrained staff clicking on dangerous links and unwittingly exposing their organisation to a browser attack. The number of suspect URLs soared 87% between 2013 and 2014. Advanced stealth attacks (which disguise themselves to sneak into company networks) are also on the rise – Intel Security uncovered 387 new threats every minute. Browser attacks, along with network abuse, stealthy attacks, […]

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