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Facebook tests video speed dating app that nixes swipes, DMs | #bumble | #tinder | #pof | #onlinedating | romancescams | #scams

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Facebook is exploring new territory when it comes to online dating.  Angela Lang/CNET Facebook is apparently launching a new video speed dating app called Sparked. The platform, available for sign-up […]

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#comptia | Ring’s leaked Video Doorbell 3 has a few small upgrades

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A sneak peek of the product page for the upcoming Ring Video Doorbell 3 shows some upgrades over the Video Doorbell 2. Dave Zatz at Zatz Not Funny discovered the product page (it’s since been removed, apparently), which included a “pre-roll” feature for the doorbell’s Plus model that captures four seconds of black-and-white video before a motion alert goes off.

The product page described it as a “first-to-market feature for battery-powered doorbells and unique exclusively to Ring,” although Zatz points out that other video doorbells have this so-called “foresight” feature, just not battery-powered models.

A screenshot of the Ring Video Doorbell 3 product page.
Zatz Not Funny via Ring

The basic design of the Video Doorbell 3 doesn’t appear much different from its predecessor, but Zatz reports the new model’s faceplate will be easier to remove; it will have a “near” motion sensor to reduce false motion alerts; and it will have 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi (only 2.4GHz is available on the Video Doorbell 2).

It’s not clear when the Video Doorbell 3 will be available, and Zatz notes the product page didn’t mention support for Ring’s Sidewalk networking standard or Apple HomeKit support (that’s not to say they won’t be included, just that neither was mentioned).

Zatz calls the Ring Video Doorbell 3 a “decent, minor upgrade from Ring 2, with a clever upsell for those seeking a bit more security,” adding they’re likely to be priced between $199 and $229.

Amazon-owned Ring has come under fire for privacy and security concerns in recent months. In January, the company added a new privacy dashboard for its app, to allow users to manage their connected devices better, including control over whether local police departments can request video footage from an owner’s Ring camera.

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#cyberfraud | #cybercriminals | Video: Dh4 billion online scam bid busted in Dubai raid, 9 arrested – News

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

Operation Fox Hunt: They had run 81 fake businesses across 18 countries around the world.

The Dubai Police have arrested an African gang of nine cyber-scammers that had run 81 fake businesses across 18 countries around the world. They created a ‘wealthy’ image on social media – then duped people into transferring money in exchange of false job opportunities.

Dubbed ‘Fox Hunt’, the operation revealed the hidden online fraud network that managed to siphon off more than Dh32 million worth of money transfers.

The fraudsters were busted at their UAE residence, where the e-crime team of the Dubai Police found laptops and mobile phones full of sensitive information on individuals and companies – including bank accounts and credit cards details, as well as documents and files of the gangs’ illegal activities.

Major-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of the Dubai Police, said the arrest marks a new important achievement for the team.

“As gangs constantly change their criminal methods, the Dubai Police exert all efforts to qualify elites of officers and employees specialised in dealing with the latest technologies to tackle emerging crimes,” Maj-Gen Al Marri said.

Major-General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs, said Operation Fox Hunt is “a unique and extremely professional” hit as it prevented the gang from abusing 800,000 e-mail addresses and foiled their bid to steal Dh4 billion.

The scam: Social media users were targeted

>Scammers disguised themselves with a ‘facade of wealth’ and used social media to celebrate illegitimate wealth under the names of others

>They reached out to social media users, promising they would help with job opportunities

>Victims received phishing e-mails that deceived them into transferring money to complete fake recruitment procedures


>Some victims reported the incident to the Dubai Police’s anti-cybercrime platform (

>Thorough investigations led to identifying the group

>Police teams closely monitored the gang and put the details of their IDs, bank accounts, residence, and cars in the spotlight

Raid foiled bid to steal Dh64m from 1,126 credit cards

As the Dubai Police closely monitored the group, they received a tip claiming that one of the suspects intended to leave the country. The CID team immediately drew a plan and set a zero hour to make the arrest.

Captain Abdullah Al Shehi, deputy director of e-investigations at the Dubai Police, said the arrest foiled the gang’s bid to drain out the balance of 1,126 credit cards with an estimated total value of Dh64 million.


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#comptia | #ransomware | Rancocas Valley High School students blocked from social media, but can stream music video – News – Burlington County Times

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

Federal law requires schools to protect students from inappropriate content. Schools have different standards on what to block, records show.

MOUNT HOLLY — Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter are off-limits.

Apple TV, Amazon Prime and Hulu video are just fine.

At Rancocas Valley Regional High School, cybersecurity systems are set to block student access to social media but allow teens to stream music and video on classroom devices, according to records released after a legal appeal to the New Jersey Government Records Council.

Beginning Nov. 8, this news organization filed open records requests with all Burlington County school districts.

Four months later, on Jan. 10, district officials released the requested information while apologizing for the delay.

“I reviewed the District’s initial response which did not include all of the documents I advised them to produce,” said George M. Morris, attorney for the school district. “Not sure where there was a breakdown in communication.”

Public schools are required by federal law to protect students from inappropriate content.

The information released by area schools districts shows that they have different standards for filtering content, protecting students and staff as well as the equipment financed by taxpayers.

In October, Cherry Hill School District in Camden County discovered some of its computer systems had been locked down and some district computer screens displayed the word “Ryuk,” a term associated with ransomware attacks.

Rancocas Valley is home to some 2,100 students from Eastampton, Hainesport , Lumberton, Mount Holly and Westampton.

In addition to streaming audio and video, Rancocas Valley students are allowed to access shopping, news and media, sports and travel websites, records show. A long list of blocked content includes dating, gambling, pornographic materials, sex education, tobacco, “sports hunting” and “war games.”

So far, records were provided by Bordentown Regional, Burlington City, Burlington Township, Cinnaminson, Delanco, Eastampton, Florence, Lenape Regional, Lumberton, Maple Shade, Medford, Moorestown, Mount Laurel, North Hanover, Palmyra, Riverside, Riverton, Shamong, Southampton, Springfield and Westampton.

Similar records requests are pending with Beverly City, Chesterfield, Edgewater Park, Evesham, Mansfield, the Northern Burlington County Regional School District and Willingboro schools.

Appeals have been filed with the New Jersey Government Records Council.

Under New Jersey’s Open Public Records Act, government agency must respond within seven days after receiving a request. Government agencies “must ordinarily grant immediate access to budgets, bills, vouchers, contracts,” according to the records council.

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#nationalcybersecuritymonth | TikTok Tightens Rules on Video Content and Users

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans TikTok has overhauled its guidelines to clarify what kind of content is off-limits, from racial slurs to critical remarks about other users’ hygiene, at a time when the popular video app is facing increased scrutiny over its security. The more expansive rules released Wednesday cover 10 […] View full post on

#deepweb | 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick Video: The Gory Luka Magnotta Video, Explained

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans


The ‘1 Lunatic 1 Icepick’ video was posted on a website called “Best Gore,” and would lead to Luka Magnotta being convicted of first-degree murder. Here’s the origin story for the gruesome video.

Before he uploaded 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick to the internet, Magnotta uploaded many other gruesome and viral videos, including one in which he placed two kittens in a plastic bag and suffocate them. He also posted a video where he fed a kitten to a python, and more. These two first videos are the origin for the name of the Netflix docu-series about Magnotta: “don’t f*ck with cats” is an unsaid rule on the internet, according to many people profiled for the series.

The first video was posted by Magnotta under the alias “uonlywish500,” on December 21, 2010. This video would provide a number of useful details for internet sleuths to use when they tried to track Magnotta down in the coming year, including the blanket seen in the video, a North American pack of cigarettes, and a yellow vacuum. That same room would later be the site for the brutal murder and dismemberment of Chinese student Lin Jun in 2012.



Then, there was 1 Lunatic, 1 Icepick. The video was uploaded to a Canadian fringe site called Best Gore (which is still up and running) on May 25, 2012, and was 10 minutes long in its entirety. The name of the video was a play on the viral meme 2 Girls, 1 Cup, a gross pornographic video. Like 2 Girls, 1 Cup, reaction videos showing the face of a person watching 1 Lunatic, 1 Icepick for the first time also spread across the internet.

Here’s what you need to know:

1 Lunatic, 1 Icepick Video Explained [Warning: GRAPHIC]

Hunting Luka Magnotta – the fifth estateIn 2011 virtually no one knew anything about a young man named Luka Magnotta. Then came the horrifying discovery of the body of Jun Lin in Montreal, followed by a feverish international manhunt and then the arrest in Berlin. Luka Magnotta now stands charged with the murder of the young Concordia University student from China. The name Luka Magnotta seemed to appear from nowhere in May of 2012. But if he was unknown to the wider public, for 18 months before his arrest, he was being tracked… by a group of Internet users who were horrified over videos they believed he’d made, which depicted the killing of kittens and apparent threats to do worse. In an exclusive interview with Mark Kelley, the online investigators share for the first time the details their attempts to chase Magnotta down through the deep web and alert authorities as they tried to stop a man they considered dangerous. The hundreds of cryptic online postings Luka Magnotta uploaded to the web paint an unsettling psychological portrait of a disturbed young man who shocked the world to its core, and reveal much about his life growing up as Eric Newman. But Magnotta would disclose much more to the few people who knew him personally, two of whom share their stories exclusively with the fifth estate. What became apparent to everyone who knew him is that Magnotta appeared to have an obsessive narcissistic need to be noticed, and exhibited increasingly erratic, possibly threatening behaviour online, ringing alarm bells for those who knew him and watched his chilling story unfold. Original Airdate : November 30th, 20122014-12-23T19:14:13.000Z

The 1 Lunatic, 1 Icepick video still circulates in some corners of the internet, but no longer exists on Best Gore and will not be linked to in this article. Here’s a description of what happens in the video.

The video opens to the song “True Faith,” by the band New Order. That song also plays at the open of the movie American Psycho, which internet sleuths deemed to be the opposite of coincidence.

From the vantage point of the video camera, one can see a man, who is naked and is tied by the wrists and ankles on the bed. There’s a Casablanca movie poster on the wall behind him, and a man standing near him. That man strokes the nude man in a gentle manner, in the same way he did with the videos of the kittens before he suffocated them.

The nude man in the bed was later found to be Lin Jun, a Chinese student studying in Montreal at the time. The man standing over him was later determined to be Magnotta. He was dressed in all-black.

Here’s a summary of what happens in the 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick video:

Over the course of those 10 minutes, Magnotta stabs Lin with a knife fashioned to look like an ice pick upwards of a 100 times. He then slices parts of Lin’s body with a steak knife. Before the video reaches its halfway mark, Magnotta has decapitated Lin and sawed at his arm. By the end of the video, Magnotta has sawed off both of Lin’s arms, his right leg, and nearly severed his left leg. Though Lin moved his head and arms in the first few minutes, it’s unclear if he was conscious at the time of the stabbing, or for anything that happened after. There’s more information about Lin’s death below.

In the second half of the video, Magnotta proceeds to commit sodomy and necrophilia on Lin’s torso. A black and white small dog can also be seen, whining and chewing on a part of Lin’s body, too. Investigators would later confirm there were signs of cannibalism found on Lin’s body, though the video does not show Magnotta eating any body parts.

Though the video is traditionally known as “1 Lunatic, 1 Icepick,” web surfers should be warned that it’s also been posted under different names in the past, including “Time to Shake Things Up” and “1 Icepick.”

Magnotta’s identity would remain unknown for just under a year. Then, on April 12, 2013, he was indicted for first degree murder, offering indignities to a human body, distributing obscene materials, using the postal service to distribute obscene materials, and criminal harassment.

Internet Sleuths Talk About Their Experience Watching the Video


On Netflix’s Don’t F*ck With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer, many of the sleuths who helped bring Magnotta’s crimes to justice shared their experiences watching the “1 Lunatic, 1 Icepick” video.

One sleuth, John Green, said he got a message from a friend that there was a new video up. “It opens a browser, I see a video, and I press play,” he says. “In the previous videos, the objects on the bed were cats. In this video, there was an actual person. And I’m like, ‘what the f*ck?’”

The sleuth said he immediately jumped out of bed and watched the video full-screen on a large computer screen. “Holy shit,” he said.

Green later said, “We told [authorities] this was going to happen. And now we’re looking at a dead person.”

Lin’s Autopsy Offered No Concrete Answers as to When, Exactly, He Died

Lin’s severed torso was found a month after the video was published. It had been stuffed in a suitcase and found by a janitor who noticed the smell. The other parts of his body would later be mailed in packages to various locations throughout the spring of 2012. His left foot was mailed the office of the Prime Minister of Canada.

The autopsy of Lin’s mutilated body took several days, authorities said. Other pieces of evidence were also found in the trash, authorities said, including a blood-soaked blanket and the body of the dog seen in the video.

Dr. Yann Daze, a forensic pathologist who investigated the body and served as a witness for Magnotta’s trial, said, “I cannot say if the victim was alive when he was decapitated. What I can say is he was when an edged weapon travelled through all the structures of the neck,” AKA when his throat was slit.

Daze explained that he came to this conclusion because of how much blackened blood was found around the neck; if Lin had died prior to his neck being slit, that much blood wouldn’t have left the site of the wound.

Other details were revealed throughout the investigation. Surveillance footage showed Lin and Magnotta entering the building together, and Magnotta leaving the building several hours later alone, wearing the shirt Lin had entered with. There was also traces of a sedative found in Lin’s blood, which might have explained why his movements are so muted in the video.

Claudette Hamlin, a Montreal Detective/Sergeant, said to Netflix that this sedative residue was found in a wine glass in the apartment. “I do hope that Mr. Lin was knocked out before Mr. Magnotta cut his throat,” she said.

Magnotta Pleaded Guilty to the Crimes; His Lawyers Argued He Was Not Criminally Responsible by Way of Insanity

Surveillance footage of Lin entering Magnotta’s building with him.

Magnotta would later say that he met Lin on the evening of May 24, when Lin responded to a Craigslist ad looking for someone interested in sex and bondage.

During his trial, Magnotta’s lawyers argued he couldn’t be held responsible for his actions, because he was criminally insane. Luc Leclair, Magnotta’s defense lawyer, pointed out Magnotta’s apparent schizophrenic diagnosis, and showed the jury a number of surveillance videos from his apartment building in the days leading up to the murder. In the clips, Magnotta can be seen wandering the hallways with a wig on, according to Global News Canada. 

Leclair asked the jury, per the publication, “What is Magnotta doing, walking around the apartment building, wearing a wig at 11 at night? Why does he appear to be cleaning, taking garbage to the basement at 4 in the morning?”

Magnotta is currently serving out a life sentence in prison.

READ NEXT: Anna Yourkin, Luke Magnotta’s Mom: Where Is She Today?

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#deepweb | Video: Inside the Spurs dressing room ahead of Liverpool clash – Spurs Web

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Tottenham Hotspur have shared a glimpse of inside their dressing room ahead of this afternoon’s Premier League fixture against Liverpool.

The club’s social media team have uploaded footage which shows some of the player’s shirts hanging up in the away dressing room deep within the bowels of the Anfield stadium.

Tottenham are without a win in their last 10 Premier League away games (D2 L8), including a 1-2 defeat to Liverpool in March. The Lilywhites last endured a longer such run between May 2000-January 2001 under George Graham (14 games).

Mauricio Pochettino’s side will be looking to chip away at the thirteen point advantage which Jurgen Klopp’s table toppers currently hold over them in the Premier League table.

Our record at Anfield is less than favourable and are winless in our last eight away league games against Liverpool (D3 L5), last winning at Anfield in May 2011 (2-0), thanks to goals from Rafael van der Vaart and Luka Modric.

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California Police Arrest Teen in High School Nude Video Scandal

A 17-year-old student was arrested Tuesday after allegedly taking a nude recording of a Northern California high school administrator at a fitness center and uploading it to social media last month, CBS San Francisco station KPIX-TV reports.

The victim, Clayton Valley Charter High School Executive Director David Linzey, was in the locker room at the fitness center in unincorporated Walnut Creek on Feb. 20 when he was secretly recorded with a cellphone. The video was uploaded to Snapchat, school spokesman Mike McCey said.

McCey said the incident was reported to the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office on Feb. 21 after it was discovered that several students had distributed still photos from the video to others on the campus of the Concord school.

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Two teenagers are under arrest following a very disturbing video out of Modesto.

The video posted on Facebook has gone viral and shows kids bullying another kid along a sidewalk. A seemingly helpless student wearing a backpack was brutally tossed to the pavement and also endured a flurry of swear words in the video.

As close to a dozen other students stood by, with some recording on cell phones, they watched as two bullies had their way. One threatened the boy and demanded the boy drop to his knees.

In the less than two minute video, the crowd breaks up and the boy is allowed to walk away.

So why did all the other kids simply watch and laugh and not doing anything to help the kid being bullied?

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Angelina Jolie Resurfaces In Video Plea To End Child Abuse Worldwide

Angelina Jolie has resurfaced in a video plea to support the International Criminal Court’s efforts to protect the lives of children worldwide, after she’s largely avoided the spotlight during her ongoing custody battle with estranged husband Brad Pitt.

As a special envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Jolie has advocated for the rights of children in conflict zones like Syria and Afghanistan for more than a decade. 

In a new video that was posted online on Friday, Jolie praised the ICC and its Read More

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