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A New Viewer’s Guide to Netflix’s ‘Dating Around’ Ahead of Season 2 – TV Insider | #tinder | #pof | romancescams | #scams

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Are you a a reality TV junkie looking for your next fix? It’s harder and harder to come by with staples like The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise on hiatus with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but fear not because Netflix has you covered.

Season 2 of their addictive romantic reality title Dating Around arrives June 12 on the streaming platform. Below, we’re breaking down all the details newcomers need to know before diving into this bingeable fare.

The Premise

Each episode of this series follows one single person looking for love as they go on five different blind dates. Exploring the awkward, sweet and flirty banter common in a first date setting, Dating Around asks the question, who will get a second date? In Season 2 of the program, singles based out of New Orleans will be followed.


Dating Around Season 2

(Credit: Netflix)

Stepping up its game from network dating shows, this series examines all kinds of relationships and orientations ranging from heterosexual and bisexual to same-sex couples. Dating Around is a more diverse alternative in comparison to shows like The Bachelorette or Bachelor which have recently come under fire for its lack of inclusion.


Netflix is offering a glimpse at what’s to come in a newly released trailer which hints at some interesting situations including an awkward reunion between former Tinder matches.

Extra Viewing

If you didn’t tune in for Season 1, there are six episodes currently available for streaming on Netflix. Each installment is roughly a half-hour in length and follows six singles on their quest to find the one for them. Season 1 includes Luke, Gurki, Lex, Leonard, Sarah and Mila, but don’t expect anything beyond their blind dates as Season 1 didn’t include a reunion special like the platform’s other buzzy shows Too Hot to Handle and Love Is Blind.

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Rip Off Britain – presenters urge viewers to AVOID identity theft using THIS simple step

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Rip Off Britain – presenters urge viewers to AVOID identity theft using THIS simple step

RIP OFF BRITAIN is back for a ninth series featuring the pitfalls and problems that consumers find themselves falling foul of. And Presenters Gloria Hunniford and Angela Rippon spoke to ahead of the first episode about their own bank scam experiences and how to avoid identity theft.

Returning to front the BBC One Daytime shows are presenters Angela Rippon, Gloria Hunniford and Julia Somerville who will be travelling the length and breadth of the country to investigate the issues that have prompted viewers to contact the show.

With ten episodes featuring real-life stories from consumers who have found themselves at the wrong end of bad customer service, online security breaches and the ill-will of scammers, the team meet a variety of the people with stories to share, and will be offering tips and advice to make sure others don’t suffer the same fate.

Episodes across the series challenge high street banks, online safety and cybercrime, ticket tours, energy companies, investment scams and identity fraud.

In one episode the team meet a former hacker – who was arrested for his role in targeting websites including that of the CIA. However, Mustafa is now pushing for companies to up their online security.

In the show he lifts the life on how one of the biggest names in telecoms fell victim to a cyber-attack, and tells Rip Off Britain viewers how to avoid becoming a victim of a hack themselves.

In another episode the team also meet a homeowner from greater Manchester whose identity was stolen and used to put his house up for sale by fraudsters.

The crime was only intercepted by chance when his daughter saw her father’s property advertised online.

Many of the issues hit close to home, as Gloria reveals how she was affected by a banking scam.

The 77-year-old had £120,000 drained from her savings account after an imposter walked into a bank and pretended to be her.

Speaking to, Gloria said: “i felt violated and very insecure.

“I’ve been warning people for years about bank security and identity theft, and it just goes to show this can happen to any secure account.”

Angela, 72, revealed her best advice for people to avoid identity theft: “Make sure you shred anything which has any information about you on it.

“Secondly, be careful what you put out there – on Twitter and Facebook – because it could be giving criminal the exact information they need.”

The first ten episodes are followed by a special week of live programmed from London. Consumers are invited to contact the show and have their queries addressed live int he programme – either online, or in person, with a drop in area popping up during the week outside BBC’s London HQ, New Broadcasting House.

Rip Off Britain will air on weekday mornings, BBC One, at 9.15am between the 1st and 12th of May – followed by a special week of Live programmes from Monday 15 May at the same time.


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